Helios' Commissions

Here's my prices for art and rules for when you commission me!

Flat Color-$20

A clean lined drawing with flat colors and a patterned background. Shading can be added for $5. Background can be upgraded to a simple or complex scene for $7 or $10.


A simple 600x600 picture done as a colored sketch with a white background.


A simple 600x600 drawing done with my lineart or flat color style with any background. Fits well as an icon/profile picture on most social media.


A chibi of a character done on a 600x600 canvas. Also makes for good icons or profile pictures.


  • Shading can be added to flat colors for $5.

  • Extras characters are $7 each.

  • Adding an animal or pet is $3.

Will Draws and Won't Draws

  • OCs

  • Fan Characters

  • Humanoid Closed Species

  • Animals

  • Furies/Anthros

  • Ships/Friendships

  • Simple Mechas

  • NSFW

  • Fetishes

  • Fandom Stuff Without a Fan Character (I'm not going to make money off of other people's characters.)

  • Ferals/Feral Closed Species

  • Hate Art

  • Minors in Relationships with Adults

  • Extreme Gore

  • Complex Mechas

  • Abuse

  • MLP Style Ponies

  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable or is against my morals

Important Notes

  • Please make sure you read what I will and will not draw, as I will stand by these.

  • have the right to deny a commission to someone if they have a history of trying to commission artists to draw any of my Won't Draw subjects. I also have the right to turn down a commissioner if they make me uncomfortable or have a history of art theft.

  • I will send you updates in the form of an initial sketch and, depending on the commission, the lineart. Please tell me at one of those stages if you want anything changed!

  • Please provide clear reference sheets of OCs/Fan Characters! No tiny pixel art or deep friend JPEGs.

  • I take payment through PayPal. Once your commission is finished, I can send you my PayPal email, or send you an invoice, depending on preference. If you mark the payment as "Goods and Services," make sure you put that there is no address needed for delivery. This is so they know that it's a digital good and I don't get in trouble for not sending you anything.

  • Please wait to pay until I get your commission done to pay me. This is so you can keep your money in case I don't get your commission finished.

  • Once I've finished your commission, feel free to use it for anything except commercial use! Please do not remove my signature! And please link back to one of my social medias.

  • Do not rush me. I try to get everything done in a timely manner and as fast as I can.


This is a list of users who I do not wish to associate with and cannot order art from me, mostly due to bad experiences or personal reasons. If I catch you ordering art for these people, you will be added to this list.

  • QueenCheystar/MetallicaFangirl/CheyStar | Deviantart-A manipulative and abusive person to her partners, and manipulated me to try and steal digital goods from her ex and just generally hurt me. If you are even friends with her and try to talk to me, I will block you.

  • AngelicAphelion | Waterfall/Toyhouse/Twitter/Instagram-Personal reasons I will not list here.

  • Poly-peptide | Toyhouse/Instagram/Deviantart-Emotionally abused several friends of mine and is very manipulative and abusive.

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